Luan mai

This restaurant is an authentic Thai food restaurant in Beppu. The restaurant is always crowded with the international students. The chef is from Thailand and the owner’s wife is also from Thailand. Look at her pretty smile. Please enjoy the Thai atmosphere in this restaurant.


This restaurant is located on the first floor of Beppu tower. The owner is a funky guy but cooks very well. His curry is authentic. Toriten lunch set 1000yen with a drink Pasta lunch set 1000yen with a drink Don’t miss to eat his curry that is very delicious.


I want to devour all the curry in Beppu! Today I went to Purunima that is located near Oita bank Beppu office on Fujimi street. Although the curry is authentic from India, you can choose the sweet one if you can’t eat the very hot one. And they are generous enough to serve Nans as much as you can eat. But look at this size of Nan!!! I will never order another Nan...

Ojiisan no clock ( Granpa’s clock)

This is a long-loved curry restaurant in Beppu. Stone grilled curry is very famous and there are various kind of topping on them. You can eat those toppings as much as you want. Japanese shallot is their homemade. The ice cream was the best for dessert after the hot curry rice.


This restaurant is located in the Sol paseo Ginza street near Akiba street, 15minutes on foot from JR Beppu station. I love the pickles that comes with the curry set.Chicken curry 650yen Vegetable curry 650yen Please choose the rice type, brown or white or half of them.When you want the extra rice, 150yen is charged.A