Hiking tours with superb views

  1. Mt. Ogiyama with the panoramic view of Beppu Bay ~ Tsurunoyu, an outdoor bath in nature

    Mt. Ogiyama is the symbol of Beppu and the path is pretty easy to walk. It offers the most splendid view of the city, bay, Mt. Takasaki, and even Kannawa area where its iconic Yukemuri steam from Onsens goes up in the sky! The guide will re-energize you with a small surprise on the summit! Why not eat something warm while enjoying the scenery!
    The highlight of the tour is the wild and the secret hot spring called Tsurunoyu in Myoban area. This unique Onsen has sulfur water and if you are lucky, the whole place could be all yours!

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  2. Mt. Takasaki Forest therapy

    The course is about 2 kilometers on the famous mountain where Japanese snow monkeys inhabit. We can enjoy forest therapy on the approach to the top while surrounded by cedar trees.
    The coastline of Beppu and Oita city is stunningly beautiful from the open space on the summit.

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  3. A stroll in Kannawa Yukemuri steam

    We will walk through narrow alleys with Yukemuri steams in Kannawa which is the most symbolic area of hot spring town Beppu.
    The hell-ish scenery of boiling vents and hot water is just so incredible! There are many highlights in this course: buildings from the Meiji era, Kashima rental rooms where visitors stay during Onsen healing experience, and communal bathhouses where locals socialize daily.
    You may wander into secret alleys engulfed in steams following a local cat. Onsens will warm up our body and friendly grannies will make our heart warm in Kannawa.

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  4. Half way to the summit from the sea

    The course starts from the Spa beach with 0-meter altitude and takes you to the foot of the Mt. Tsurumi which is the guardian god of Beppu hot springs.
    We walk along the Sakai riverbank colored with pretty cherry blossoms in spring, and in mid-course, pass through magnificent forests of Minami Tateishi park. This unique and ever-changing route takes us from the sea, and to rivers, parks, shrines, local houses, and forests.

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  5. Round the lake Shidaka

    This course offers beautiful sceneries each of the four seasons. We can feed carps, ducks, and swans living in the lake too! Let’s also visit a shrine loved by locals, it’s just on our way!


  6. Higashishiya falls and Tsukahara walking course

    Higashishiya waterfall is one of Japan’s top 100 falls and believed to be a spiritual location where a white dragon resides.
    As we walk for 300 meters on a path by the river, a stunning 85-meter high waterfall appears right in front of us.
    After enjoying this magnificent view, we drive for 15 minutes to Tsukahara highland. While being surrounded by grand Mt. Garan and Yufu, enjoy the peacefulness. It will make you feel like time has stopped!


  7. Climbing Mt. Tsurumi and a Ropeway down

    We climb up the Mt. Tsurumi and ride the famous ropeway for the way down while enjoying the spectacular view of the Beppu bay!
    The path is well maintained and just the right length of 4 kilometers to the summit.
    Mt. Tsurumi is considered as the god of Beppu’s hot springs and there is also a shrine on the way. The impressive view from the top will leave you in awe, and the climax of the course is a pleasant ropeway ride.

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  8. Mt. Yufu course

    Mt. Yufu stands high in the northeastern part of Yufuin with an altitude of 1,584 meters. By going up from the main trail and down from the east side, the whole path is about 4 kilometers through beautiful mountain scenery. The first 500 meters on the path offers the splendid panorama of the Yufu highland and excites you for the unforeseen adventures ahead.
    We can have a glimpse of Yufuin on the west while following the well-maintained path with a gentle climb on a hillside. But be aware of the last 1 kilometer to the top, where a sudden change of inclination makes an attempt more challenging!
    There are some easy rock-climbings in the end, but the fulfillment and tranquility on the summit await those who manage to overcome such challenges. The impressive scenery of Beppu Bay, Kuju mountain range, and Yufuin, which spread before our eyes, is like a reward beyond comparison.


  9. Higashiyama Ikoinomura Hiking course

    A mountain path across the road in front of Mt. Yufu. It is an easy hike which can be both for children and elderlies.
    The course takes us through a natural forest with larches, cedars, and cypresses, which colors the woodland in fall and grow some tree nuts. Let’s take a walk with the whole family to the observatory through the ever-changing landscapes.


  10. Mt. Garandake course

    A Tholoide-type active volcano with an altitude of 1,045 meters at the border of Yufu and Beppu city. Climbing right beside steaming craters gives you the bizarre feeling as if you are walking on the road to hell!
    The course is just over two kilometers of moderate difficulty and offers a fascinating panorama with the bay, city, Mt. Ogi & Mt. Takasaki. After descending the Mt. Garan, let’s soak our tired bodies in Tsukahara Onsen, which is recognized as the three major medicinal hot springs.



Course Duration
(incl. Transport)
Course length
(distance on foot)
1 3 hours 3km
2 3 hours 2km
3 1.5 horus 1.3km
4 3.5 hours 8km
5 2.5 hours 1.8km
6 3.5 hours 2.5km
7 4.5 hours 4km
8 6 hours 4km
9 2 hours 4km
10 2.5 hours 2.2km


Moo Je Moon / Guide

Born in Korea and spent his youth in Seoul until graduation from a university. He then moved to Japan at the age of 28 in 2008 and now lives in Beppu with a wife and three children.
His 8-year-old girl and 5-year-old twin boys were born and raised in Beppu that their native tongue is Japanese. People often comment about his children having a better command of the Oita dialect than the father.
All outdoor activities like golf, mountain climbing, and cycling are his hobbies. The work, as well as his passion, is to promote the beautiful nature of Oita prefecture to foreign visitors. The geographically unique surroundings of Beppu city are abundant in forested mountains, active volcanoes, and the sea teeming with life. They are also the source of ingredients for delicious local cuisines! Sashimi prepared from Amberjack caught in the bay is especially tasty.
Moo Je Moon will always welcome and show the best of Beppu to visitors from all around the world with his big positive vibe!