Beppu sta.


This restaurant is located on the first floor of Beppu tower. The owner is a funky guy but cooks very well. His curry is authentic. Toriten lunch set 1000yen with a drink Pasta lunch set 1000yen with a drink Don’t miss to eat his curry that is very delicious.


This restaurant is located in the Sol paseo Ginza street near Akiba street, 15minutes on foot from JR Beppu station. I love the pickles that comes with the curry set.Chicken curry 650yen Vegetable curry 650yen Please choose the rice type, brown or white or half of them.When you want the extra rice, 150yen is charged.A

Minami Matogahama onsen

It is located 7minutes on foot from JR Beppu station.You can get an Onsendo stamp at the entrance.The temperature of the onsen water may be a little high for people not used to bathing a in onsens but the locals like it hot.The big sign standing in front of the onsen says, “Please come again. Enjoy relaxing in the onse