Vegetable sommelier & Geoguide who admires Mt. Sobo

Guide: Junko Watanabe
NPO Okubungo Tourism Research Institute


I will guide you with flexibility depending on your interests.

“I’ve been studying Himiko and Yamataikoku of the late Yayoi period since the 5th grade at elementary school. I support the theory of Yamataikoku flourished in Okubungo!” The tour introduces you to the story of a region where nature, history, and legends. In the river trek through Taizako Canyon, we explore the cave by swimming in the Okudake River while looking at the columnar joint of 90,000 years old on the left and the terrain created 14 million years ago on the right. Experience in rice planting or harvesting is also available during the season. “Veggie cafe Mizu” offers dishes with locally harvested ingredients of Bungo Ono. The tour is arranged per customers’ interest, such as canals in the deep mountain and a stone bridge from ancient times. Please check my YouTube, とよたまさんぽ

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