A dreamy novelist who pursues history, romance, and mysteries.

Guide: Eimei Sasaki
General Incorporated Association, Youmore

You can understand some things when you put yourself in their shoes.

【Point】 I invite you to explore the ancient history of Toyonokuni, Oita Prefecture. When you search for the root of a typical Japanese surname, Sasaki, it originates in Omi-Hachiman city of Shiga Prefecture. “Watanabe” and “Kikuchi” also derive from particular places. I also have a deep passion for Temples & Shrines and enjoy reading books since I was little. Taking it further, writing a novel is my other interest! I often look into things that fascinate me, such as Kagome Kagome, Irohanihoheto, and “The theory of the ancient civilization Yamataikoku in Beppu” My tour will take you to unique locations of Toyonokuni while feeling the way of living of the ancient people.

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