The Beppu Guide shouts out “6 Spots in Myoban-onsen” which she begs you to go to (by bus)

Myoban-onsen is the onsen located at the highest altitude in Beppu City, Oita Prefecture.  The surroundings are engulfed by a heavy scent of sulfur which makes you realize that you have actually come to an onsen area.  This place prospered as a spa from a long time ago where plenty of spas with outstanding characteristics.


This being said, Kyoko Inazumi who is a guide at the information desk in JR Beppu Station and know as a master of guiding guests in Beppu will introduce to the must-go-and-see spots of the most interesting spas in Myoban-onsen. Loads of information for doing it by bus.  Wooooooh!!

Access to Myoban-onsen

By bus from JR Beppu Station

Take “Bus No. 5” or “Bus No. 41” from Bus Stop No. 3 located at the West Exit of Beppu Station
From the East Exit, take “Bus No. 24”.

By bus from Kannawa Bus Center

Take “Bus No. 5””Bus No. 24” or “Bus No. 41 from Bus Stop No. 2 located at the Kannawa Bus Center.

Get off at the nearest bus stop to your destination in Myoban-onsen.

Spacious spa facility for doro-yu(mud bath)/konyoku(mixed bathing) “Onsen-hoyo Land”

Bus Stop: get off at “Konya-jigoku-mae”
Time: 23 minutes from Beppu Station
Fare: ¥380

(Onsen-Hoyo Land) is well known nationwide. You’ll find doro-yu(mud baths), mixed bathing and a very spacious open-air spa area. Guests with tattoos are welcomed too. You may need a little courage to enter, but it is extremely popular. I really wish that everyone will be able to experience it at least once!!


¥100 discount for guests who bring and show their “BE@BEPPU”

※Point of Interest※ Sawayaka Heartpia Myouban

“Sawayaka Heartpia Myouban” located right next door is secretly popular among onsen experts as well!

Enjoy two types of spring qualities “Yuya Ebisu”

Bus Stop: get off at “Jizō-yu-mae-gesha” 
Time: 25 minutes from Beppu Station
Fare: ¥430

There is a large open-air spa on the 1st floor and a calm and quiet indoor spa on the 2nd.  Known for its sulfur spring water which has a cleansing effect and simple thermal spring water with moisturizing effect. You can take advantage of both.


The open-air spa on the 1st floor is open to women on odd number days and even number days for men.  There are guests who visit for 2 consecutive days to enjoy both types of springs.  I invite you to come and relax in this fancy spa.


¥300 discount for guests with their “BE@BEPPU”

・Press here for the official site of “Yuya Ebisu”

Indulge eating Jigoku-mushi Pudding and seeing a fabulous view “Okamoto-ya Baiten”

Bus Stop: get off at “Jizō-yu-mae” 
Time: 25 minutes from Beppu Station
Fare: ¥410

Super popular cafe known for its “Jigoku-mushi Pudding”.   Moist and has depth to its flavor.  The bitter caramel caters for adults’ taste-buds.


The egg sandwiches with plenty of cucumbers are a big favorite too.


Their Pudding Soft Creams are wonderful in the summer and the Jigoku Parfait are a blast as well. Aah, they’re all so wonderful I wish you could try them all!

・Press here for the official site for “Okamoto-ya Baiten”


¥60 discount for the very popular “Jugoku-mushi Pudding for visitors for with their “BE@BEPPU”

Popular onsen amongst experts who are into rustic atmospheres “Kakujyusen”

Bus Stop: get off at “Jizō-yu-mae”
Time: 25 minutes from Beppu Station
Fare: ¥410

A small local onsen free-of-charge.  The bath tub is located right behind the entrance door.  It holds white clouded sulfur spring water and there is no shampoo or shower facility available. Please make sure to say your thanks to the ojizo-sama (guardian deity of children) located at the entrance!

The sole place on earth where you can see Yunohana-goya for free “Myoban Yunosato”

Bus Stop: get off at “Jigoko-yu-mae” 
Time: 25 minutes from Beppu Station
Fare: ¥410

You will see the yunohana-goyas (huts)  producing hot spring mineral deposits resembling flowers which is natural bathing salt by the method since the Edo period. Taking a look inside is free-of-charge and you can find several onsen cosmetics which utilize the yunohana.  If you go further in with the reserved baths designed to look like the huts on your right, you will get to the spacious open-air spa.


¥100 discount bringing your “BE@BEPPU” for the “Yunosato/Large Size Open-air Spa”.

・Press here for the official site of “Myoban Yunosato”

Special reserved baths with lots of yunohana “Oku-myoban-onsen”

Bus Stop: get off at “Yuyama”  15 minute walk to destination 

This onsen uses the thermal steam bursting out from underground by cooling it down for the hot spring.  All the baths here with yunohan floating around need to be reserved.  Not only is it a mere ¥550 per hour, the spring water is absolutely gorgeous.  Don’t forget to try one of the Jigoku-mushi Eggs which has been steam cooked for 24 hours once you get out.  Tastes great and are only ¥50!


If you have your “BE@BEPPU” with you, you can get one free Jigoku-mushi Egg for every 5 eggs you reserve.


So there you have it, the 6 Hot Spots of Myoban-onsen by bus from Beppu Station.  I honestly and really do recommend all the places I have introduced here.  I trust you will have the opportunity to visit them.  It is an offer you cannot refuse!

Have a nice BEPPU, Have a nice Myoban-onsen!!!