Sujiyu onsen

“Sujiyu onsen” Because there isn’t a water tap to add cold water into the hot spring enjoy the warm temperature of the hot spring. “Kashima” is a traditional onsen accommodation facility that located in the Kannawa area where many traditional onsen exist.

Nageshi onsen

This is a traditional onsen that is located between JR Beppu station and Higashi Beppu station.“Nageshi” means throwing a stone in Japanese.It is said that this hot spring was started from the place where Koba Daishi threw the stone.When you walk in the bathroom you will notice the typical style you see at most onsens as the bath is surrounded by steps and lockers.

Nanatsuishi onsen

This onsen is located in the Nanatsu ishi inari shrine and the you will see the handwriting sign at the entrance.“You put in coins here!”Please don’t miss to put coins in the box.This small onsen bathtub makes you warm.You can get an Onsendo stamp at the entrance.

Minami Matogahama onsen

It is located 7minutes on foot from JR Beppu station.You can get an Onsendo stamp at the entrance.The temperature of the onsen water may be a little high for people not used to bathing a in onsens but the locals like it hot.The big sign standing in front of the onsen says, “Please come again. Enjoy relaxing in the onse

Kamiya onsen

Kamiya onsen is an onsen that has been used by the locals for many years and many good relationships started here.At the entrance of this onsen there is onsen water for drinking and a foot bath as well.At the onsen it is very important to say hello to local people and wash yourself before entering in the onsen.

Maeda onsen

This is my favorite onsen that is located 5 minutes on foot from JR Beppu daigaku station.The entrance fee is 100 yen with an extra fee of 20 yen for washing your hair.The bathtub is small and there is no shower.The locals come here and chat with each other about ordinary things.They are always kind to visitors who wa

Suehiro onsen

This onsen is located 10minutes on foot from JR Beppu station. The second floor of this house is the space for local meeting. You can collect a stamp at the entrance. Please enjoy the typical type of local onsen of Beppu. The facility is old but is very clean and nice.