6 Restaurants for Foreigners living in Beppu!

Great eateries with tasty food and atmospheres especially for foreigners living in Beppu, Oita!

Kyoko Inazumi from Be-Beppu ate, drank and had a chat with owners from our 6 recommended restaurants to report to you the charms of these wonderful places!

Café Natsume
The coffee cup placed in front of me has a logo written in cursive, "Natume". The cup is heavy and solid with a retro...
Firewood Kiln Pizza & Gallery Camin
"It's never too late to learn," says Ms. Chieko Adachi the owner-chef of Firewood Kiln Pizza & Gallery Hanamin.   ...
Fujiya Gallery Hanayamomo
"It’s really difficult to maintain a building with so much history!” says Ms. Haruko Aha, the representative of Fujiya...
Cottonwood - Sharing a Table
“Don’t you think it’s fascinating that there are soft and hard things in the word, Cottonwood?” says Ms. Ai Hanako. Sh...
Café Oshaberi na Spoons (Chatty spoons)
The café has a goal, "Laugh all together".   “I like places where people gather. And I like to make people smile!” S...
Kitahama CASA
"I wanted to enjoy authentic Italian food in Beppu without having to go to Italy!" says the owner Mr. Noritakaa Shuto ...