Let’s go explore with Mr. Moon of bright smiles!

Guide: Moon MooJe
Bungo Ono City Commerce and Tourism Division Regional Development Corps.

トップページ | 豊後大野市

Let’s move our bodies and feel the nature! The care for the mind, soul, and body!

【Point】 Mr. Moon from South Korea has been living in Beppu for 14 years since he fell in love with the city. Now he is also fascinated with Bungo Ono, where the eruption of Mt. Aso 90,000 years ago created the impressive Harajiri Falls. You can be up close to the falls, where the excitement is beyond words! He also recommends easy-to-climb and scenic Mt.Ohira and the Kunisaki Long Trail, which offers rich cultural history. Let’s go on an adventure with the energetic Mr. Moon!

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