Usa Jingu・Rokugo Manzan Mystery Solving Guide

Guide: Tatsuhiro Ono
Respresentative of FeEL Product Company

I want young people to be proud and cherish their local areas and cultural heritage.

Mr. Ono has been fascinated by Usa Jingu Shrine since his early 30s. Mysterious and fascinating stories will unfold one after another as you explore the shrine: Okoshikake is the area where the divine palanquin goes in and out, Goreisui is the very place where the nation-wide-famous god of Hachiman was born, Kurehashi bridge opens once every 10 years, and a straight line from the bridge takes you to “Komo Shrine” in Nakatsu city. He will also show you Rokugo Manzan culture of Kunisaki Peninsula, where temples and shrines used to exist together in one place. His exciting tour involves solving ancient mysteries!

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