A history detective who unveils the mystery of the Kunisaki Peninsula!

Guide: Masahiro Sakuragi
from Wake! Sakuragi Office

I guide you to the history of Kunisaki as if we are detectives of a mystery novel.

Mr. Sakuragi has a wide range of hobbies such as historical mystery, urban legends, and local idols. He enjoys contemplating history & tales and will also be your guide to the Kunisaki Peninsula! Kurotsuzaki is a place where the sun rises from the horizon, and the Matama coast is the place to watch it set in the sea. The peninsula has a lot to offer, such as quaint scenery of mountains, temples, and countryside with rice terraces or unique water springs. You can also go for a gourmet tour visiting Karaage shops or spend time in bakeries with gorgeous views of deep mountains or coastal panoramas. A bus to Nirvana (Jobutsu)?! is available on Friday afternoons. Let’s explore the peninsula with the historical detective of Kunisaki.

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