令和4年度 伴走型小規模事業者支援推進事業 別府商工会議所

As I enter the shop, the raised tatami seats on the left and right sides of the entrance look crowded with groups.

The owner of Waon says that the long-established restaurant Kikuzushi changed its name to Waon when he inherited the business from his father.


He goes to the market to buy fresh fish every morning, following the routine of his predecessor when this place was a sushi restaurant. Beside him is a gently smiling wife, running up and down the hall.


His son developed the flavor of its famous chicken tempuras. They are well seasoned and covered with light-coloured crispy batter, which is the signature of high-quality tempuras.

“I think almost nobody can recreate how my son carefully prepares the poultry. He is also particular about the kind of oil he uses for frying. It takes time to cook, but it is worth the wait!”


He praises the chicken tempura of the son. But his Chirashizushi is also a popular dish that many customers enjoy for lunch.

Countless regulars are fascinated by the delicious sushi rice, besides the fresh fish brought straight from the early morning market and skillfully prepared and decorated on top of a bed of rice.


“Isn’t it delicious? The vinegar is locally produced in Beppu by the Fujiyoshi Soy Company. It tastes incredible, and it makes a whole lot of difference!”


I was flattered when praised for noticing the difference in the rice vinegar he uses.

Whether we order chicken tempura or sushi, the commitment to each ingredient and the careful preparations are passed down from generation to generation in this restaurant.


I dissolved a little Karashi mustard which he carefully selected, in a ponzu sauce. When dipping chicken tempura in it, I could feel the crispiness of the batter just by picking it up with chopsticks. Savoring the flavor of light tempura with delicious citrusy dipping sauce was a wonderful experience.

Information of “Waon”

Address 7-26 Shiomi-cho, Beppu city
Open time11:30~15:00(L.O.14:30)
ClosedMonday, Closed on Tuesdays when it’s a holiday
Car parkingFree of charge