The Chairman and Inn operator of Yabukuguri no Kai

Guide: Yousuke Kuroki
Secretay-General of Hita Tourist Information Center


You will bring home at least one impressive memory!

The water town of Hita city has developed its culture around the Mikuma River. From late May to the end of October, we can watch a traditional cormorant fishing method called “Ukai” while enjoying dinner on a boat. The other highlights are the Mameda area, which retains the atmosphere of the Edo period, and the village of Onta potteries made by traditional techniques such as kicking wheels and climbing kilns on slopes. There are plenty of gourmet foods on offer: Takana-maki made by wrapping yam, spring onions, and natto with vinegared rice and natto, and Hita Yakisoba, which was a typical side menu at local Ramen shops. Yabukuguri, the Hita’s unique cedar tree, is also not to be missed!

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