“Cumin seeds” You will be filled with the flavor of odoriferous spices in the stylish restaurant.

When you open the door, you will smell the flavor of spices.

At the entrance there is a yellow sign of the letters “Curry” and the picture of an elephant.

The curry set offers you a curry ,salad, nan, rice and papadu that is a kind of rice cookies.

Seafood curry offers you a delicious soup of fish and shellfish.

Please enjoy a calm time with having an authentic curry.

Cumin seeds

Address Ishigakihigashi 10-1-1,Beppu city
Telephone 0977-21-8037
Open time 11:30~14:30,
Sunday and public holidays until 20 o’clock
Closed Monday
Car parking Free of charge
HP http://www.ctb.ne.jp/~cuminum/