Monjyu senji temple

Monjyu-dō is the majestic hall of the temple, standing right in front of a massive boulder at the end of the stone stairs.

An impressive shrine hall on a side of a colossal cliff

Founded in 648 C.E, the temple is quite old and enshrines one of the three major Monju Bosatsu within Japan.
Monju Bosatsu is a deity of wisdom and the origin of a Japanese proverb, “Three heads are better than two; when three people gather, they may attain the wisdom of Monjyu.”
The shrine stands remarkable and mighty with its main hall caving into the side of a rocky cliff.
Visitors pray for wisdom, passing exams, and achieving academic results.
For those who have difficulty walking in the stairs, an easily accessible route is also available.


“Water of wisdom” springs out at the back of Monjyu-dō


Statues of the sixteen arhats covered in moss


Unusual stone lanterns decorated with Komainu guardians


Steep and long stone stairs to the temple


The Buddhist rite called Gomadaki is carried out to pray for the academic achievement and health of children.


Address:2432 Daionji, Kunisakimachi, Kunisaki city


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