Sasamuta shrine

An important shrine where locals visit and pray at milestones in life

Its grand wisteria tree is 450 years old!

Its grand 450-year-old wisteria has a trunk diameter of 1 meter, with branches covering an area of 330 square meters and an average inflorescence of 1.5 meters!
The incredible number of flower blooms from this one old tree and the whole area gets dressed in beautiful light purple in the season.
The modest shrine structure is minimal but clean and elegant.
At the entrance of the shrine, a stone bridge called Mannen Bridge arches over a river with a beautiful contour.


A great Torii appears in front when you cross the quaint stone bridge


A minimal and modest hall of worship


Trees stand high towards the sky


The sound of freely flying birds echoes in the air


Address:1644 Ōaza Sōda, Oita city


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