Chang nooi

When you open the door of this restaurant, you will feel like traveling to Thailand.

It’s so clean and the display is fancy.


Lunch set Gapao

Gapao rice is a spicy food that has ground chicken with basil and sunny-side-up on it.
Gapao means “holy basil” in Thai.

Khao man gai lunch set

It is served with some sliced chicken meat on rice.
Enjoy the Thai food with the Japanese soy sauce.

Curry lunch set

You can choose two types of curry from Matsaman, Green and Chang nooi Indian curry.


Coriander salad

The owner grows coriander in the field so it’s very fresh and delicious.
If you are not keen on coriander, you can eat this!

Yum Unsen salad

This is spicy glass noodles salad with seafood.

Enzyme juice

Let’s try enzyme juice with water or Soda。

Chang nooi

Address Yamanote-cho 2-11,Beppu city
Telephone 090-7458-4670
Open time 11:00~16:00(L.O. 15:30)
17:00~21:00 Only reservation
Closed Thursday,Every 2nd,4th Sunday
Car parking Free of charge