令和5年度 伴走型小規模事業者支援推進事業 別府商工会議所

Founded in 1950, the store has a retro Showa atmosphere that invites us in.


The restaurant interior is still the same as it was first opened, with counter seats lined up neatly and photos of a handsome young man in brave, happy outfits displayed on the walls. “My dad is very cool, isn’t he?” says Maa-chan, the shop owner, with a nostalgic look as she says she worked with her dad for about five years.


A large pot contains simmered daikon radish, eggs, tendon meat, konnyaku, and other Oden ingredients.


Regulars were already at the shop, so we sat at a table outside. We enjoyed the fun of making a toast while eating Oden right next to Nagarekawa Street and the open feeling of the season with the pleasant night breeze.


A hard-working Ma-chan makes bento boxes and delivers them all over Beppu. He is proud of the “50-year-old secret garlic soy sauce that is delicious on anything”. Whether you put it in ramen or add it to Oden, it goes so well with anything!


This homely Oden restaurant is a great place to be acquainted with regular Beppu residents in a retro Showa-era interior.


Information of “9chome-8chome”

Address13-16 Hikari-machi, Beppu city
Open time17:00~23:30
ClosedSaturday, Sunday
Car parkingFree of charge