Hachiman asami shrine

At the end of the stairs, you will find the couple cedar tree called Meoto-sugi, growing side by side and straight towards the sky. Sometimes people call them Mon-sugi as they also act as a gate into the shrine.

A guardian god of Beppu, with a millennium-old tree

The treasured Asami shrine of Beppu is within a short walking distance from the JR Beppu station. Constructed in 1196 and has a thousand-year-old sacred camphor tree. Right on the east side of this iconic evergreen, there is a flat stone just enough for a person to stand on. The custom here is to look up the sacred tree from this spot with arms open to receive its spiritual power. There are two cedar trees not far from the Torii gate on the approach of the shrine. They are called Meotosugi and said to tie a love knot in the future if a couple passes between these hand in hand. Also, as you walk on a cobblestone path on the approach, remember to search for stones in shapes of gourd and sake cup. They say that stepping on these will bring a good fortune.
The shrine is also blessed with a source of delicious natural spring water, named Mantaro Shimizu. The fount has been pouring out since ancient times, and visitors can bottle it home freely at the water-drawing spot next to a parking lot. The shrine offers many kinds of fortune slips, and some are even written in English!


Crowded with visitors during the New Year


Stone statues sitting quietly at the base of a tree


The natural spring, Mantaro Shimizu, never dries out even during a drought.


An Inari shrine next to the worship hall


Another Inari shrine near Shinjiga-ike pond


Address::2-15-19 Asami, Beppu city


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