Bungo no Megumi

令和5年度 伴走型小規模事業者支援推進事業 別府商工会議所

“In China, our family names stay the same even after a marriage,” he said, as I received business cards with different surnames.


The owner runs a restaurant, Bungo no Megumi, with his wife. The name means Blessings of Bungo. “Even farmed fish is so delicious in Oita that we can offer fresh fish daily. Kabosu-buri is so delicious!”


After graduating from Beppu University, he worked at the Shanghai branch of a famous sushi restaurant for four years, then returned to its headquarters in Japan. While working there, he wanted to start his restaurant with Mapo Tofu. He expressed that he was lucky to have managed to take over the former eatery, Usagi-to-Tora, which was left without a tenant.


However, the opening took place when the Covid pandemic had just begun. Trying to stay in business, he offered bento-boxes and delivery services.


Among the Chinese food lineup, their Mapo Tofu is the most recommended. It comes with flavors from his hometown, acquired by cooking with his mother. The seafood bowl, Kaisendon, is fresh and exquisite, skills he mastered from time as a sushi chef shines, yet the price is surprisingly low.


The hard-working and cheerful owner runs this eatery with his down-to-earth wife. The place is heart-warming, filled with their life experiences, and it is one of the most recommended eateries around Beppu station that offers delicious and reasonably-priced dishes.


Information of “Bungo no Megumi“

Address1-3  Ekimae-cho, Beppu city
Open time11:00〜14:00、18:00~24:00
Car parking