令和5年度 伴走型小規模事業者支援推進事業 別府商工会議所

An Italian restaurant with an illustration of a humpback whale stands along the road in a residential area. Founded in 2006, the whale has now become a landmark.

Balena means whale in Italian.

“Whales are the largest mammals.” says the owner. He started the shop during his unlucky year. He claims he had to do something big to overcome the unlucky year.

Since the owner works in the kitchen and his wife runs the service, it often takes time to serve during a busy lunchtime only with two people. They are trying to come up with ideas such as offering a salad bar and garlic toast.


Their salad bar mainly features potato and pumpkin salad, which are very delicious. The owner says that his wife is from Yamaga, so they get a lot of seasonal vegetables.

That explains why the pasta comes with a lot of vegetables!


There are so many types of pasta that we start wondering what to order. You can choose from tomato, peperoncino, or cream sauce, and seven or eight types of ingredients in each.


The set includes a salad bar, garlic toast, a main pasta dish, dessert, and coffee.


Thanks to the kind personalities of this couple, the restaurant fills our stomachs and warms our hearts.


Information of “balena“

Address1-3 Ando building 1F Baba, Beppu city
Open time11:30~15:30、17:30~24:00(food L.O. 21:00)
Car parkingParking lot available