Fukōji temple

A scenic view of the temple alters its impression every season. Also, the sun shines in during morning time, and the calmer ambiance in the afternoon has a different charm.

A temple on a podium by a majestic stone-cliff Buddha

Fukōji temple has a unique landscape that makes us feel as if we are not in Japan. Its stone-cliff Buddha (the biggest in Japan) is carved more than 800 years ago and has a height of 11.4 meters.
The tallest carving is the wrathful deity called Fudō Myō-ō, and Kongara-doji and Seitaka-doji attend on his sides.
Go right beneath these majestic sculptures to admire its rustic beauty. The niche on the cliff cut out to enshrine Buddhas is also fascinating. In the end, you will encounter the scenery of the temple, surrounded by stone-cliff Buddhas and many other statues.
Visitors can experience meditation called Ajikan Meisō upon application.
If you decide to join in for a session, do not miss admiring the stone-cliff Buddha enshrined inside Bishamonten behind the Gomadō hall.
On the third Sunday of June, hydrangeas are in full bloom all around the temple, coloring the already beautiful scenery in lush greens.
※ Please contact the temple in advance in case you would like to experience the meditation.


The splendid scenery from the stage


A stone sculpture without the head


Gomadō built in the rising cliff


Looking up from beneath, we feel its incredible size.


Stone statues inside Gomadō


Address:1225 Kamiotsuka, Asajimachi, Bungoōno city

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