Hayasuhime shrine

Displays of countless octopus drawings from past ceremonies inside the worship hall

A quirky shrine to pray and abstain from eating octopus

Located in the center of Saganoseki, a thriving fishery area, this shrine has been worshiped as a god of maritime security. Locals carry out ceremonies in which they donate a drawing of an octopus and pray for a certain period while abstaining from eating octopus. Drawings from the past ceremonies are displayed inside, giving it an eccentric atmosphere. On its roof, we can see unique figures such as waves, three-story pagoda, and Urashima Taro: the famous fisherman from a Japanese fairy tale.


Urashima Taro is straddling a turtle on the roof.


Offerings in an unexpected place


Octopus drawings are dedicated to the god.


Many pigeons in the shrine


Address:3329 Ōaza Saganoseki, Oita city

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