Iwatoji temple

Koyasu Kannon with a calm impression, enshrined in an unexpected place

Unexpected finding at the temple surrounded by mountainous nature

Iwatoji temple is said to be founded in 719 C.E. The sculptures on the approach are the oldest Niō guardians made of stone in the whole country.
Just after going up the stairs, it’s a surprise to see a deity Koyasu Kannon hidden behind a lattice door under a huge rock. Get refreshed in the breeze drifting through the mountains and listen to the swaying sound of branches and leaves in the wind.


 A temple hall locates above the stone stairs in between tall cedars.


Stone statues in a forest before entering the temple ground


The oldest stone statues of Niō guardians are just as tall as we are!


Address:1222 Iwatoji, Kunisakimachi, Kunisaki city

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