Mt Sobo Kōbaru, the village of gods with the legend of the snake and the princess

Mt Sobo is listed as one of “The 100 mountains of Japan”, offering extreme mountain climbing experiences. For now, we introduce you to an easier hiking route and points of interest along the way!

Meisei Iro Daiichi Kōsekikyō

“Meisei Iro Daiichi Kōsekikyō”, commonly known as “Rokuren Suirobashi (aqueduct)”, is 78 meters in length and has six consecutive arches of waterway stone bridges carrying the titles of the country’s records. Completed its construction in the Taisho 8 (1919)

“Wonders of Oita: Nature and outdoor activities”

The guidebook introduces destinations where you can enjoy mountains and beautiful hiking trails with illustrations and maps.

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