Kanagoe mountain range A trail through a mountain range with intriguing histories

The course is through a mountain range with 6 peaks including Nanatsu-ishiyama, Mt Kyōzuka, and Shiroyama. Select different routes depending on your physical strength and mood.

Kanagoe mountain range

The name means “a treacherous path that makes even deer bleat”. But have no worries, the course offers a variety of routes for every level. Climb up from “Nishi Kanagoe” and down from “Higashi Kanagoe” to circle the area to enjoy different routes.

Mt Kyōzuka

Mt Kyōzuka summit offers a rare sight of Miyama Kirishima, alpine azalea, on the 600m class mountains. (early-mid May)

Itogahama Campsite

A park with auto-camping sites, log cabins, tennis courts, and a baseball field!

Itogahama Management Office (inside the Itogahama Seaside Park Management Building)

TEL: 0977-72-0555
Address: 6842 Oga, Hiji-cho, Hayami-gun, Oita
Closed: Every Monday (If Monday is a national holiday, the next day) * Open daily in July and August.

“Wonders of Oita: Nature and outdoor activities”

The guidebook introduces destinations where you can enjoy mountains and beautiful hiking trails with illustrations and maps.

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