Usa jingu shrine

Haraedo locates at the end of the approach before going up the cobblestone stairs leading to the upper shrine.
A small waterfall flows into the limpid pond, creating a calm and tranquil atmosphere within the primeval forest of tall trees.

Head of all Hachiman shrines

About 46,000 out of 110,000 shrines within Japan treasure the ancient Shinto god of war named Hachiman. Usa Hachimangu was founded in 725 C.E. and is considered as the head of all such shrines and visited by many worshipers every year. It is located within a vast primeval forest of sixty hectares, and plenty of historical and culturally important buildings will amaze you throughout an entire day of exploration.
Feel the nature throughout the four seasons: 500 cherry trees blossom in spring, delicate lotus flowers decorate the pond in summer, and autumn foliage turns fiery just before winter.
Passing through several Torii gates and going up the path leading to the shrine, you will hear wild birds singing somewhere deep in the ancient forest. As you get closer to the end of the path, the dazzling sight of the upper shrine comes into your view with its eye-catching Shinto building painted in vermillion. Unlike ordinary shrines, the manner of praying at this sacred site is very unique: Two bows, four claps, and one bow.


 Ten thousand lotus flowers bloom in summer.


They use a gourd to make this cute “Ema” in the Usa shrine.


We see “Saidaimon gate” beyond this Torii gate.


The upper shrine is crowded with worshipers from all over the country.


Address:2859 Ōaza Minami Usa, Usa city


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