Cocolate Cafe

令和5年度 伴走型小規模事業者支援推進事業 別府商工会議所

As we opened the cute red door, we were welcomed by the pleasant smell of freshly baked bread. There are several tables at the back.

This place is a bakery with freshly baked bread and a cafe serving breakfast and lunch.

“When I started the business, it was just a small bakery. Ever since then, I’ve always wanted to do something new every two years.”


The owner has taken on new challenges every other year, such as increasing the size of the bakery, opening a shop in Oita City, and even being asked to produce bread and sweets for famous tourist spots within Beppu City. Experiences have accumulated after 17 years.


What I have continued to do since I started the business is to wake up early, knead the dough, shape it, and bake bread.

When asked about what is the driving force behind your busy daily life?
“The texture of dough feels so good when kneading. And the freshly baked bread is so cute.”

I read a book in the shop while waiting for the lunch set. Even though the place was busy, the staff explained their dishes and made small talk to keep us entertained.


The lunch menu changes every six months. I ordered spicy soybean curry this time.

It wasn’t too hot, nicely spiced, and satisfied my appetite.

This cafe has delicious food, a stylish interior, and a kind staff. There is no doubt that people love this place. I was contemplating things like that while savoring the pickled purple cabbage.


The morning set menu starts at 8 am. Bring your favorite book and enjoy delicious food and a relaxing time.


Information of “Cocolate Cafe“

Address2-18 Yada-building1F Yuki-machi, Beppu city
Open timeweekday 8:00〜18:00 
Saturdays, Sundays and holidays 9:00〜17:00
ClosedIrregular holiday
Car parkingParking lot available