2018 edition Bebeppu Sweets Paradise ♡ The ‘Sweets fever’ is sweeping through Beppu like a typhoon.

Hot summer has just come in Beppu!! The 2018 edition Bebeppu sweeeeeeeeeeet summer “Sweet paradise” has just started for you Beppu lovers!


[This special service is available from July 1st to July 31st (potentially until August 31st)]

Don’t miss your chance to try these special desserts selected from our list of favorite cafés and shops.

When you have “Bebeppu vol.2” with you when you go to the cafes and shops that are listed on the homepage of Bebeppu, you will get some special service there!!!

Don’t forget to bring Bebeppu in your bag this summer!!!


A small sherbet is on the house with any meals order.


Their crepes and galettes are amazingly delicious.

Addresskitaju 4-2-east,Beppu city
Open timeMonday-Fryday:11:30~19:00
Reservation required after 19:00
ClosedNo scheduled holidays
Car parkingFree of charge

Yohachiro café

When you order “Tiramisu shaved ice” here, the shaved ice will be upgraded to the “Special version tiramisu shaved ice Yohachiro with a mustache shaped cookies topping on it.


Although the name “ Yohachiro” is old fashioned, the shop is very stylish and the sweets are very delicious.

AddressFuromoto 1 Kannawa,Beppu city
Open time10:00~18:00
Car parkingFree of charge


A drink is on the house with any desserts order.


The owner is a grandpa and he cooks a healthy menu for customers by using an organically produced vegetables and the cake is made by Tofu.

AddressSaiwai-cho 6-13,Beppu city
Open time10:30~18:00
Car parkingFree of charge


When you order waffles, normally two pieces comes with your order. But when you show the staff “Bebeppu”, they will give you an extra waffle!


“Cocolate” is a popular bakery and there is a café together at the same place. So you can enjoy the meal with their delicious bread and sweets that are made with special ingredients and have a distinct flavor.

AddressSaiwai-cho 2-18,Beppu city
Open time8:00~18:00
ClosedOn the third Sunday
Car parkingFree of charge

Café Natsume

When you order sweets, 50yen discount is given for an “Onsen coffee” that is brewed with onsen water.


This café is loved by the local people for a long time because it is somewhat reminiscent of the Showa era.

AddressKitahama 1-4-23,Beppu city
Open time9:30~21:30
Car parking

Four clover’s CAFE

They have two types of summer special edition pancakes and when you order one of them, a extra scoop of ice cream is given!


This restaurant has a great atmosphere and they also have a shop on the first floor and the bar at night.

AddressFunakouji-machi 4-7,Beppu city
Open timeLunch:11:30~15:00(L.O)
ClosedNo scheduled holidays
Car parkingFree of charge

Financier Etoile

When you order a financier, you will get a small ice cream for free.


An extra financier will be giving with every tiramisu parfait order.


This café is located on the hill. In the café you will enjoy the warm atmosphere and amazing view of Beppu bay through the Yukemuri onsen steam of Kannawa area.

AddressOgura 1-2,Beppu city
Open time11:00~18:00
Car parkingFree of charge

MUNI small café

If you order a piece of cake of the day, an extra fresh cream will be added on the cake.


This is a small nice café where you will enjoy some fancy items in the shop.

AddressKitahama 3-1-17,Beppu city
Open time9:00~17:00
Car parkingFree of charge(1 car)

Café Takasaki

When you order a shaved ice, the owner gives you additional condensed milk on it.


This café surrounded by seasonal flowers is very famous among onsen lovers who visit Beppu. You can enjoy their private onsen for free with every menu order here.

AddressAsami 1-2-11,Beppu city
Open time10:00~17:00
Car parkingFree of charge


A free coffee is given with every sweets order.


This café is in a traditional Japanese house and they sell some clothes and accessories as well.

AddressHigashisouen 4-2,Beppu city
Open time11:00~19:00
Car parkingFree of charge

cafe de Vert

A mango crepe is highly recommended. A small toy is given with every sweets order.


You can enjoy lunch if you go with your kids because this café has a spacious room and warm atmosphere.

AddressIshigakihigashi 8-4-18,Beppu city
Open time11:00~16:30
Car parkingFree of charge

Ohisama dou

This café offers you a very rare shaved ice that you can eat only here in Oita prefecture. Their original baked goods are given for free with this special shaved ice order.


This café is loved by regular customers and you can enjoy the warm and nice atmosphere.

AddressIshigakihigashi 10-2-42,Beppu city
Open time11:00~16:00
ClosedThursday,Sunday and public holiday
Car parkingFree of charge

uri chip

50yen discount is given with any dessert and drink order.


This is a Korean restaurant and you can enjoy the homemade Korean food and warm atmosphere feeling like visiting your friend’s house.

AddressEkimae-cho 6-1,Beppu city
Open time11:30~16:30
ClosedThursday,Sunday and Public holiday
Car parking

Kotori café

100yen discount is given when you eat anything here.


Michiru san is an owner who is very famous among onsen lovers visiting Beppu. The shop wall is painted in pink and many people visit here to take a picture in front of the pink wall.

AddressHikari-machi 6-14,Beppu city
Open time11:00~
ClosedNo scheduled holidays
Car parking

087 ~OHANA~

Strawberry compote is on the house with a original milk shake order.


Don’t miss to eat an original lunch set meal and home made sweets cooked by a beautiful owner.

AddressIshigakinishi 10-8-14,Beppu city
Open time11:00~18:00
ClosedNo scheduled holidays
Car parkingFree of charge

"087 Ohana" The owner’s cook is very delicious and she is also pretty.
At the lunch time you can eat lunch set and takeaway lunchbox and in the afternoon it becomes to a Takoyaki bar. A pr...

Yanagiya – Sally garden

A steamed hot chiffon cake is given for free with any chiffon cakes purchase from the showcase.


This shop is very trendy and swanky and they always steam their original chiffon cakes in front of the shop.

AddressIda 2 Kannawa,Beppu city
Open time9:00~19:00
Car parkingFree of charge


A original handmade cookie is given with any sweets order.


This restaurant has a large selection of menu and you can enjoy spaghetti, pizza, curry and various kinds of sweets like parfaits.

AddressTsurumi 1710-8,Beppu city
Open time10:30~22:00
Car parkingFree of charge

I want to devour all the curry in Beppu! At this restaurant “ Circle” many customers enjo...


An extra whipped cream is given with a pancake order.


This café is located on the first floor of Beppu tower that is a symbol of Beppu.
You can enjoy multicultural lunch menu and nice atmosphere bar at night.

AddressKitahama 2-10-3,Beppu city
Open time12:00~14:00
Car parkingFree of charge

This restaurant is located on the first floor of Beppu tower. Don’t miss to eat curry that is very delicious. ...

Chantilly d’or

A free coffee is given with a cake purchase at the shop.


This is a cake shop managed by a well known cake company “Kikuya” and you can choose your favorite cakes decorated with seasonal fruits from the showcase.

AddressNishinoguchi 2956-1,Beppu city
Open time9:00~19:00
ClosedNew Year’s Day
Car parkingFree of charge

Okamotoya shop

60yen discount is given with a famous steamed pudding order.


50yen discount is also given with a popular “Jigoku parfait” order.

In Jigoku parfait you will find some chocolate flavored ice cubes.


This is a well-known shop that is located in Myoban area. Not only tourists visiting Beppu but also the local people love this shop.

AddressMyoban 3,Beppu city
Open time8:30~18:30
Car parkingFree of charge

Okamotoya shop
This restaurant’s pudding is the most popular in Beppu and is located in Myoban area that is 25 minutes by bus from ...

Café mumumu

A free mini ice coffee is given with every order of sweets.


This café is located only 5minutes on foot from JR Beppu station. You will have a nostalgic feel when you go in the café.

AddressChuou-cho 1-27,Beppu city
Open time9:00〜18:00
Car parking


This soft serve cream is made with the very rare peach flavored strawberry picked from the house and the price is 800yen!!!
A mini soft serve ice cream or a drink is given with every order of food and meal.


At Enma you can enjoy not only the Jigoku steamed cooking experience but also the bamboo craft experience, strawberry picking and onsen bathing.
They have a large selection of food and meal that are Oita specialties such as “Ryukyu don”.

AddressFuromoto228-1 Kannawa,Beppu city
Open time10:00~22:00
Car parkingFree of charge

Hotel Shiragiku

This coffee flavored pudding looks white.
A free lemon flavored water is given when you order a pudding.


This café is on the first floor of a well-established nice hotel “Shiragiku hotel” that is located 10minutes on foot from JR Beppu station and just in front of Beppu park.

AddressKamitanoyu-machi 16-36,Beppu city
Open time8:00~18:00
Car parkingFree of charge

Basara house

A plum juice is on the house with any order of pudding.

The plums were picked in the garden of Yamada besso that is a traditional ryokan loved by tourists and local people.


This is a newly opened café that is located 5minutes on foot from JR Beppu station.

AddressKitahama3-2-2,Beppu city