Ohara hachiman shrine

Visit the worship hall and admire the incredible details of the sculpture.

The hall of worship with a dignified atmosphere

Founded in 680 C.E., this is the biggest shrine in Hita City and also called Ōharagu. Its spacious ground is well maintained with air always crisp and clear. The beautiful worship hall emanates a dignifying aura, and the intricate details of decorations are must-sees. A gate called Rōmon constructed in 1687, enshrines statues of the Kamunagara god and Niō guardians inside. Rugged roots of a sacred camphor tree propagate in front of the shrine’s administrative office; as it happens, many trees have been standing here from bygone times.
Also, the area houses many smaller shrines like the Inari Ōkami, and every one of them has an intriguing feature. Located near the parking lot is a mound dedicated to kitchen knives, vegetables, and food animals. Local cooks pray and show reverence to the lives they took in this place. Kayudameshi event is held in March. On the 15th of February, rice with red beans is offered to the god and left until the 15th of the next month. The mold growing on it is used to predict the harvest and natural disasters.


Let’s count how many pairs of Komainu guardians are here.


 Burning fallen leaves in the quiet shrine


An enourmous sculpture of a cow


The sacred tree in front of the shrine office


Address:184 2-Chōme, Ōaza Tashima, Hita city

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