Kunisaki peninsula Minemichi Long Trail  Venture into the unknown and touch the ancient history and nature

Admire the strange formation of rocks and trees! The 11km route offers many points of interest like the quaint remains of a mossy temple, a carven rock, a contemporary artwork, and many more.

“Rokugo Manzan”

Rokugo Manzan is a general term for temples and shrines scattered among 6 villages centering Mt Futago between Usa and Kunisaki. A monk named Ninmon opened this religious realm in the Yorō 2 (718). The unique culture of “Shinbutsu Shugō” (syncretism of Buddism and Shintoism) continues here for 1,300 years.

Kunisaki Hantō Minemichi Long Trail 

The trails have been used by monks from old times for the practice of religious austerities called “Rokugo Manzan Mineirigyō”.

Kunisakihantou Minemichi Trail Club

The Kunisakihantou Minemichi Long Trail

“Wonders of Oita: Nature and outdoor activities”

The guidebook introduces destinations where you can enjoy mountains and beautiful hiking trails with illustrations and maps.

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