A soul-stirring nature! Waterfall・Canyon

A magnificent waterfall in an unexpected place, a ravine with limpid waters and spiritual healing power… Here are the destinations to receive the beautiful blessings of water with all your senses!

Higashi Shiiya Falls

A majestic waterfall plunging straight down from an 85m high cliff

Takkiri Keikoku Ravine

Very popular with families. Promenade of the clear stream!

Ameushinotaki Falls

A waterfall with a vigorous flow and legend of a dragon.

Fukinonotaki Falls

Also known as Uraminotaki

Otobarunotaki Falls

Two sacred waterfalls guarded by Fudō Myōō

Ryumonnotaki Falls

Meisuinotaki Falls

“Wonders of Oita: Nature and outdoor activities”

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